Poesis: Vis Medicatrix Naturae


Verdant song-dream
whose abode is the vale eterne.

Aeonian vine
whose mystery is the arcana of transmutation.

Sylvan genii
whose numen is the Secret Fire of awareness.

I bring my song that I might abide in that vale.
I offer my body as a trellis enfleshed.
I pray in the nightside of spirit that I am illuminated.

— a piece of personal poesis

Naturva Medicinae.” From “Pretiosissimum Donum Dei” (The Most Precious Gift of God).

The plants are manifest expressions of Viriditas — verdant and embodied sparks flung from the Gaian imaginal. In that living mind, whose core howls with the Divine itself, the dream-seed of nature lies.

Dale Pendell wrote:

“As dreams are the healing songs from the wilderness of our unconscious — So wild animals, wild plants, wild landscapes are the healing dreams from the deep singing mind of the earth.”

Pendell also expressed that it was the plants that gave us consciousness. To this extent, a profound gift must be tended and respected. To tread lightly, to bring offerings of song, prayer and nourishment… this is to honor the Secret Fire which is imparted to us.

The healing songs of our own unconscious share in collective revel with the healing songs of the Gaian mind. To recognize — and to mark — this is to bear the indelible mark of communion with nature herself.

Such communion is the origin and matrix of true medicine.

Vis medicatrix naturae


Pendell, Dale. Living With Barbarians: A Few Plant Poems. Wild Ginger Press. 1999.

Image credit:

Pretiosissimum Donum Dei (The Most Precious Gift of God): Naturva Medicinae. From Bibliothèque L’Arsenal’s edition (MS 975). It is a 17th century work attributed to Georges Aurach. Image via of Bibliothèque nationale de France’s Gallica BnF digital archive. Public Domain.

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