Supplement • Vol. I • Beltane Weekend • 2021


I have always observed traditional pagan holidays as a means of keeping close to cycles of nature and the land. Of these traditional holidays, Beltane has always been the richest celebration for me. A devotee of Spring, I find deep association to the Beltane in the smell of the air during this time of year. It seems to permeate everything, just as the divine permeates all of nature.

The themes of Beltane shimmer with the creative energy of Curio Esoterica’s earliest days — days in lockdown when the momentum of the project really got up to speed. In practicing gratefulness, I am so thankful for how far this effort has come, and for all of the connections I’ve forged as a result

It strikes me that I find Beltane meaning in the Robert Engels drawing adorning the cover of the 31 October, 1896 (no. 44) edition of “Jugend” magazine. Beltane and Samhain are directly opposed on the wheel of the year. Why then should this cover art exude such a potent Spring energy?

For me, I think it is because the seeds of Beltane are sown and pregnant in Samhain itself — and vice versa. Images of pensive moments in a verdant wood seem counter to the bare fall season that sees Samhain arrive. Yet, the wheel of the year is just that: A wheel…. Turnings are always important to keep in mind.

So, here are some wheel-turnings to look forward to as the fertile portion of our year comes ’round…

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Another Engels drawing from the same issue of Jugend magazine

I am now holding off on the Patreon for a while until I can find more time and energy. My own creative projects and personal transitions are taking precedent right now. Not to mention, I am always trying to keep openness and accessibility in mind. It has always been a struggle for me to balance such accessibility with making financial returns on my expended energy, time, and labor. Either way, I am returning to publishing my material straight to the site here until I can effectively set myself up to provide patrons with consistent subscription-based material.

I am adding a few more pages to the menu of the site, in order to broaden the scope of what is published beside just extended articles. This newsletter, which I’ve decided to title Supplication, will be one such offering.

In this regard I am also starting to write a monthly almanac containing various tidbits of quoted material, image clippings, music, astrological notes, everyday goings-on, and more.

I am going to work on a curated book list this week centered on a chosen topic in esoterica. I think it would be a great piece to offer up bi-monthly, or so. Any suggestions or in-routes are deeply welcome

Curio Esoterica bookmarks made in collaboration with Annie Perkins Rosenberg of Black Hause Art Shop are available can be found here, or by contacting Curio Esoterica via email or Instagram.

Finally (and most excitingly for me) expect some more collaborative physical publications to emerge over the next year or so — Zines, prints, more bookmarks, etc. The digital realm leaves one craving for tangible objects of power. I want to extend such offerings to anyone who would look forward to them.

Image credit:

The 31 October, 1896 (no. 44 edition) of “Jugend” magazine, or “Münchner illustrierte Wochenschrift für Kunst und Leben” (Munich illustrated weekly magazine for art and life). Image via Heidelberg University digital collections. Used according to artistic and educational fair use criteria. Engels is long gone (1866-1926), so there is no copyright restriction associated with the work.

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